Noise Nerd

Recording, Editing, Mixing & Fixing

"Nick first realised he was a nerd when he started school and all the other kids told him so. Luckily he was unphased by this and worked hard, locked away in his secret audio lab/bedroom pursuing his geeky dreams of becoming a sound engineer. 

The result is that which you see before you, an expert in all things audio on a mission to make everything sound great. 

Is he some sort of hero? That’s for you to decide. But never forget, when you want something to sound cool…...You need a nerd!"



Want your pod to sound pro? You need a nerd!

Sound Design

Want some next level sound for your apps and videos? You need a nerd!

Post Production

Whether it's editing, mixing, mastering or fixing..You need a nerd!


Some Serious Experience

Nerd Style

"I’ve worked as a producer for over 10 years on podcasts, games, radio, TV, and video.

I trained at a top production company learning all aspects of audio and video production from fellow geeks, nerds and dweebs before going freelance. As a voice-over, sound engineer and producer I can provide a full service from initial concept to final production or consultancy on any aspect of your audio project. I’m an absolute perfectionist and never let anything out of the studio until I’m sure it’s reached its full potential. 

Need a cool voice? I’ve worked with hundreds of voice-over artists and actors from training beginners to working with seasoned pros such as Stephen Fry, John Hurt and Rob Brydon. I’ve also directed musicians and singers in a variety of genres ranging from Pop to Opera. Having worked for many years on both sides of the glass has given me an excellent insight into providing the most effective direction.

I pride myself on always providing a friendly, professional service to all my clients and promise never to bore you with nerdy studio noise stats."

-  Nick Haverson

Sound Mixer

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