Audio Production

I’ve worked as a producer for over 10 years and produce for all mediums including radio, TV, podcasts and online video. I enjoy bringing talented people together and drawing on their unique skills to create standout productions.

I trained at a top production company learning all aspects of audio and video production before deciding to go freelance and build up my own client base. As a writer, sound engineer and producer I can provide a full service from initial concept to final production or consultancy on any aspect of your audio project. I’m an absolute perfectionist and never let anything out of the studio until I’m sure it’s reached its full potential. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of voice-over artists and actors from training beginners to working with seasoned pros such as Stephen Fry, John Hurt and Rob Brydon. I’ve also directed musicians and singers in a variety of genres ranging from Pop to Opera. Having worked for many years on both sides of the glass has given me an excellent insight into providing the most effective direction.

I pride myself on always providing a friendly, professional service to all my clients.

I’m highly skilled and experienced creating:

  • Commercials

  • Video Soundtracks

  • Podcasts

  • Voice-overs

  • Jingles

  • Music

  • Imaging

  • Sound Effects

From my studio I have the capability to record with whatever talent is required such as musicians, voice-over artists and presenters. The studio is professionally acoustically treated and equipped with Pro Tools and Adobe Audition along with ISDN and VOIP connectivity. 

Just some of the equipment that helps my audio sound great is:

Neuman & Shure Mics

SPL & DBX Pre-Amps

Allen & Heath Mixing Desk

Tannoy Studio Monitors

If you'd like to hear some examples of my work just drop me an email.

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